Custom-made typo-seminars
for art directors, graphic designers,
producers from any division of media

possible topics:

  • typographic design based on mediapsychological knowledge
  • emotional connotation of typefaces, which typeface(s) for which purpose? How do form and content cooperate?
  • measuring the atmosphere value of typefaces
  • psychological analysis of type–picture–colour-and media-interaction
    based on concrete working examples brought by participants
  • new methods of investigation: perception and impact of advertising, design and internet
  • backgroundinformation on type-usage now and in history
  • creation of typographic identities, based on the knowledge of applied psychology
  • information-design, following the pecularity of human perception

in case of interest:

mailto: Mag. Christian Gutschi
call: 0043-(0)699-11 999 684