What is typo-consulting?
Decisive for succesful typo-consulting is the working relationship of designer, creative director, editor, publisher and the typo-consulter. Only by that way it will be possible to work out a custom-made solution for all purposes in advertising, newspaper-design and communication tasks in form and content.
This kind of mediapsychological investigation I have created, based on practical exploration of the target-group gives you a strong basis for decision-making to select the appropriate typeface for

A newspaper- and magazine-design, bookdesign, Coverdesign
B creation of avertising-campaigns, corporate identities
C solutions for lettering, design or selection of an exclusive housefont

and in every case where characters have something to express.

Choice of the appropriate typeface
At least, the choice of the appropriate typeface is a very subjective one. Asked famous graphic-designers for their choice of a bestfitting typeface for a certain message, they often answer: „It is the right amount of the right thing in the right place.“

BUT Typo-Consulting based on mediapsychological investigation provides a much stronger base for the creative designer to compare his subjective perception with the percepion of the target-group.
On the one hand in more than 60 percent of all advertising-campaigns only 12 different typefaces are used. On the other hand we have more fresh typefaces to select than ever! More than 50.000 digital letterforms are waiting for their industrial application.

This kind Typo-consulting will give you the arguments for a different choice, so that you will never have to decide for the same overused typeface anymore.

reference list
list of companys who took charge in typo-consulting based on mediapsychological investigation:

l Apple Computer Austria
l Büro X, Vienna
l BUNDYBUNDY Hairstyling, Vienna
l Head of booksellers, Vienna
l Manz Publisher, Vienna
l News Magazine Publishers, Vienna
l Sonderzahl Publisher, Vienna
l Trimedia Communications Austria
l Ueberreuter Publisher, Vienna
l various austrian departments, Vienna