Ludwig Boltzmann-Institut for empirical mediaresearch and mediapsychology. With austrians only professor for mediapsychology, Prof. Peter Vitouch, as scientific leader. The first address for all questions concerning the impact of media, especially on the topic of television-consumption and consumer-benefit.
The best german magazine for digital media production, typography, photography and media-desing, published for more than 20 years.
Periodical for mediapsychology, edited by Hogrefe Verlag. The only german journal for mediapsychology (in english and german). International and serious scientific contributions, experiments and studys from psychologists and media-experts all over europe.
University of Saarland (Germany) home of the well known mediapsychologist Prof. Peter Winterhoff-Spurk one of the leading international scientists on the topic of mediatheory.
The European Institute for the Media. Director Jo Groebel, one of the most profiled mediapsychologists with outstanding international scientific reputation.